2023-12-01 12:16:59
Bikeability Feedback 01.12.23

I just wanted to say how brilliant ** has been this week. She has made it a great week for our students by being so supportive and inclusive of their individual needs. They have had a wonderful week.

Absolutely! What a fabulous experience! So much professionalism and care for our young people has been demonstrated by **. Can’t wait to work with you all again!
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2023-09-11 10:09:36
Adult Cycle Training Feedback

I have recently completed 6 hours of adult cycling training with Jonathan Tutte and I just wanted to say what a great experience it was.

I was extremely nervous about getting back on a bike (I only tried to learn 10 years ago) and I am not the most confident of riders but Jonathan was very patient, calm and positive.

Since the first session where we went round a car park to me now being able to go in 15 mile cycle on my own, I would not have thought I could get to where I am now.

I still have quite a way to go in terms of gaining more experience and skills which I am sure I will get over time, but he has really helped me to enjoy getting out on a bike and I think it is a great program that you offer.

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2023-07-21 07:44:05
Commuter Tutor Feedback

“The commuter tutor was brilliant.  They met me and showed me how to get to work using quiet roads and special footpaths, by leading the way so I could follow.  I had no idea there was a cycle path that parallels Union Street and you can bypass the roundabouts in town!  This helped me be more confident as I didn’t need to worry about heavy traffic.  Thank you so much – great idea.”

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2023-07-06 10:53:23
Brilliant, inspiring work got this non-rider cycling independently!

My son recently took part in Bikeability at Stowford school, Ivybridge. He was unable to cycle prior to the course and really disliked cycling. It wasn’t for lack of trying or persistence, but he was just unable to balance.

In just 2 mornings this week he has learnt to cycle, to enjoy cycling and gained so much confidence. 

I cannot thank you enough – I have attached a video of him embracing his new freedom on 2 wheels ????

Thank you again,

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2023-05-26 11:26:53
Feedback to Cycle Support Officer - Jonathan Tutte

Remember me? You helped me get started learning to ride a bike. My husband and I are in France on holiday at the moment.  Yesterday I completed my first long cycle ride (12miles). So I thought I'd let you know that the time I spent with you was very worthwhile. Thank you again.

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2023-04-27 10:17:40
Adult Trainee - My solo rides to work
Since my training Commuter Tutor training, I have ridden all week so far and I am loving it. 
I want to say a big thank you for giving me the confidence to do it and I am getting faster every journey! I feel so much better for it although starting to ache a bit now! Rest day on Friday!…possibly!  
Many thanks and again I really appreciate you coming to my house and doing the route with me! Just what i needed. 
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2023-04-24 10:28:14
Adult Cycle Training feedback from happy sister - April 2023

My brother recently completed a series of 1:1 cycling sessions with the Instructor I am thrilled that as a result of these sessions, my brother’s confidence on the bike has skyrocketed! The Instructor was really great with my brother who loved coming to the sessions each week! He has severe learning difficulties and gets super anxious, so it was lovely to see him look forward to these sessions. This was all down to the Instructor – he was brill with my brother, helping him gain his confidence for cycling again!

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2023-03-14 12:52:30
March 2023 - Devon Primary school
The children had a great time completing their Bikeability training last week so thank you.  As always, the instructors were brilliant with them. They were so approachable and patient. The teaching staff also remarked how positive they were when they came in contact with them around the school.
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2023-02-27 08:52:00
Feedback from a year 6 pupil from Cornwood Primary School

My bikeability experience was amazing! On Monday, we started by learning how to make sure our bikes were safe to ride. We checked the handle bars, peddles,  tyre pressure and brakes. The instructors set up some cones around the playground and we started to ride our bikes. The instructors said that we had to wave to them as we went past. It was a bit hard for me but they were really nice and they helped me alot. On Tuesday, we went out on the road. We were focusing on doing u-turns in a small group. On Wednesday, we went to Abbotts Parks and learnt how to turn and indicate. On Thursday, we went on a really long ride and it was very fun! This is the only time that I have ever enjoyed riding a bike. By Summer Year 6

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2022-11-09 10:58:13
Feedback from Victoria Road Learn to Ride Course - October 2022

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your help and support in helping me with spaces for my children on the Bikeability course a couple of weeks ago. It was VERY much appreciated and totally worth it.

The Instructor who taught my 2 children, I can't thank him enough for being an Absolutely AMAZING Instructor!! He was so patient and encouraging and explained things so well. I was completely gobsmacked and over the moon when they were both riding their bikes at the end of the session. It is a sight I have dreamed of but never thought would happen, so I was ecstatic as were they!! My son took a bit longer to get the hang of it and had a few stumbles, but he got there in the end and they both really enjoyed it SO SO much. My Daughter is now ready to do Level 2!! I really can't Thank him enough

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