Bikeability Learn to Ride in Schools

Offered to children age 7 +

Bikeability Learn to Ride is designed for children who are struggling to master the skill of cycling, or who have never learnt to cycle.

Bikeability Learn to Ride is delivered in a constructive, low pressure environment ideal for beginners.

It teaches them the skills necessary to get them cycling with confidence.

Sessions may involve balance bikes (bikes without pedals) which help children to learn cycling balance. 

It is a learner focused training session with an emphasis on working with trainees at their own pace to learn how to ride.

Trainees are trained in groups of up to 3 per instructor.

How to book Learn to Ride for your School...

When Level 2 is offered to a school and it becomes apparent that some children cannot ride a bike, the Instructor may offer Learn to Ride training instead.

Alternatively, parents are able to book their child onto one of our Learn to Ride holiday courses by


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