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Bikeability Balance Feedback!

The Bikeabililty Balance scheme is excellent for Reception children. 

It provides an opportunity for children who may not have an opportunity to ride bikes at home. 

It also gives teachers an opportunity to carry out assessments on the children; listening and attention and physical development

~ Stuart Road Primary School (March 2020) ~

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Parent Feedback following course at West Hill Primary School...

A parent contacted us recently, following her daughter taking part in a Bikeability course at West Hill Primary School...

"My daughter participated in the Bikeability course at her primary school. Even though she has used her balance bike for a while, she loved the course and it definitely improved her bike skills and made her more confident - so much so that she wanted to try cycling her pedal bike with no assistance and managed to cycle a short distance with no support. I think the course is great and a huge benefit to children."

Thank you for telling us about your experience!

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Some Recent Feedback from Schools...

Feedback from Dunstone Primary School who had children from Year 5 take part in Level 1&2 Bikeability in March 2019 - "Seeing all of the children's confidence increase over such a short period of time has been fantastic.  So many of our children don't get experiences like this and so funding for these projects to continue is so important.  What a fantastic duo of instructors - thank you."

Feedback from Salcombe Primary School who had children from Year 5 take part in Level 1&2 Bikeability in March 2019 - "Great for children's confidence.  Every year the children love it!"

Feedback from Weston Mill Primary School who had children from Reception take part in Bikeability Balance in February 2019 - "Very successful, promotes active children, gives some children the opportunity to learn something new - especially Bikeability Balance"

Feedback from Sparkwell Primary School who had children from Years 5 and 6 take part in Level 1&2 Bikeability in February 2019 - "This was our first Bikeability programme and we were happy with the experience and professionalism of Tony & Martin.  The booking staff were helpful."

Feedback from South Brent Primary School who had children from Year 4 take part in Level 1 Bikeability and children from Year 5 take part in Level 1&2 Bikeability in January 2019 - "The staff who delivered the training were fantastic - very organised, friendly and they made the sessions fun.  The children gained a huge amount of confidence and learnt some life skills that will hopefully keep them safe.  Thank you all once again,  We look forward to you coming next year."

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Wonderful feedback from a Devon primary school...

Thank you so much for the extra time you have given our children both this and last week. And thank you for being so flexible regarding the weather too!

The skills and experiences that the children have developed have been remarkable; it has been a privilege to have witnessed how their confidence in their own cycling habits has grown. So much of that has been down to how well you have got to know the children within their training and how you adapted the challenges and posed personal interventions. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent supporting you, and I know that the children have been delighted to have completed their training with you.

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Bikeability Balance Feedback!

The Bikeabililty Balance scheme is excellent for Reception children. 

It provides an opportunity for children who may not have an opportunity to ride bikes at home. 

It also gives teachers an opportunity to carry out assessments on the children; listening and attention and physical development

~ Stuart Road Primary School (March 2020) ~

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Adult Cycle Training in Plymouth - Feedback

My name is Sarah and I’ve just completed my 6 hours of cycling tuition with Jonathan Tutte. 

I’m in my mid 30’s and until just recently, was unable to ride a bike. I tried to learn as a child but didn’t really get on very well with it and also tried again several years ago, but it was a bit of a fail then too. The only other experience I’d had was the odd time on  the back of a tandem bike.

My husband and I had been talking about me giving cycling another try and after browsing on the internet, he happened to come across Plymotion’s offer of 6 free hours of cycling tuition and we thought the offer was too good to ignore! So I made contact and signed up and was able to book my first lesson with Jonathan.

I felt really apprehensive to start with but Jonathan was so lovely and put me at ease. He provided me with a bike and helmet and found a quiet area close to my home to practice getting on and off the bike and just trying to ride a little way. But the end of that  first lesson I’d managed to attempt some turns and managed to ride across the field back to my house! I was buzzing and so happy! Amazingly, my husband and I managed to buy bikes before my next lesson (took a lot of online searching due to the pandemic!) and Jonathan very kindly helped to set it up for me at the start of my next lesson.

Every week I progressed more and more moving to a  park opposite my home on my second lesson and on my local cycle path on my third! Jonathan taught me so much each week including lots of cycle routes that I hadn’t a clue about close to my home. By my last lesson, I was cycling on the road around a housing estate and managed to attempt cycling standing up which I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do!

I’ve been getting plenty of practice in myself and have cycled to Saltram, Hooe Lake and Plymbridge Woods! My husband (who can cycle but hadn’t had a bike for years) has loved being able to cycle again and we’ve loved being able to cycle together. He is now due to take up a session with Jonathan himself to refresh himself with cycling on the road again so he can start riding to work instead of having to rely on taxis. It’s going to give him so much more freedom!

I have absolutely loved my lessons and I’m so, so sad that they’ve come to an end. Jonathan has been amazing. He’s been so patient and has managed to stretch me at my own pace. I cannot believe I can ride a bike now and how quickly I have progressed and grown in confidence. I am so grateful to Jonathan and this scheme for this opportunity. Thanks so much!

If anyone is interested in cycle training, please get in touch by sending an email to Jonathan Tutte; j.tutte@sjhcsc.co.uk

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Riding a bike... summer feedback!

We recently received this marvellous feedback from a client who took part in cycle training with Jonathan Tutte during summer 2021:

"I just wanted to email you to let you know about my summer.  I decided at my grand old age of Really Old, that it was time to learn to ride a bike.  I never learned as a child and I'd been scarred for life by being given a bike at a Summer Mix afternoon session I was helping at years ago, and just told to 'get on and ride' by the instructor.  I had told him I couldn't ride a bike and after seeing this was true, he just left me there, in the car park at Plymbridge Woods, with a bike I could do nothing with while he took the kids out for about 9 hours.  After that I decided that clearly, riding a bike was not for me.  But after much Googling and talking to my friend who does something in Sports Development, I found the fabulous Jonathan Tutte who, it turns out, was the answer to my prayers.

The website said no group sessions were running anytime soon, which was almost the end of the road for me.  But I emailed to ask when they would be back, and he said he did one to one sessions.  And ever since then he has been a revelation. I was petrified of being seen by people and felt pretty rubbish about needing stabilisers, or falling off my bike to my death, or even worse, dying of embarrassment at being a Full Grown Adut needing lessons.  But Jonathan was amazing - he was OK with my hysterical need to go somewhere quiet so I wouldn't be seen, he was fine when I was almost always 5 minutes late (sometimes slightly later), he was great when I did something useless BUT most importantly, he was calm, considerate, patient, friendly, encouraging and he did the job! I am now a proper cyclist!

I am over the moon because at no point in time did I think I'd get here, and certainly not in this time frame.  From not even being able to balance on a bike to being able to go round Burrator twice by myself and only stopping to avoid a herd of angry cows, in a matter of weeks, is astonishing. I am a changed woman!  I can't believe I didn't do it earlier, but I guess some people are in the right place at the right time.  I can't thank him enough for what he has done.  My only gripe is now I have learned about hydraulic brakes and gripshift gears is that is going to be an expensive new hobby.  But there are worse things to spend your money on, I suppose.  If I could only convince my employer to get involved with the Cycle to Work scheme, I'd be fine!

Anyway, I will just end this with my heartfelt thanks to you and Jonathan and anyone else who might do this sort of stuff because I have overcome a massive fear and been able to learn something I have always wanted to do in under eight weeks, from first contact until today, and that is mainly down to Jonathan. He is brilliant and I cannot thank him enough for giving me not only confidence on the bike, but confidence to give new things a go and not worry about what other people think.  He is fantastic!"

We wholehartedly agree with all of the comments from this client.  Jonathan is the most patient man on the planet and is a wonderful teacher.

If this inspires you to try cycling, contact Jonathan to book in some free 1:1 training; jtutte@sjhcsc.co.uk or call

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Adult cycle feedback from a very grateful parent - January 2022

I wanted to tell you how pleased and grateful we are for the service offered to us from Jonathan.

Our son, Jimmy, is a young Doctor who suffered a stroke two years ago. It has left him with many challenges and although he longs to return to work, he is not yet able to do so. His balance and mobility are compromised and , his biggest challenge, is an extreme tremor down his right side. 

Before the stroke Jim was a fitness fanatic and passionate about cycling, long and fast! He has often thought he would never cycle again, but has been determined to exercise all he can. He began to look into the possibility of cycling on an adult, upright trike and Jonathan said he could meet him to try out some equipment. In fact, Jim was very against trying a recumbent bike, possibly it felt like it would be giving in to the “ disabled” label. Jonathan let him try an adult, upright trike then asked if he would like to try the recumbent after all. Jim loved it straightaway. He felt stable and therefore could enjoy the cycling, without the constant fear of toppling. It felt sporty and cool.

From the first ride, in Central Park, Jim said he felt he could “start to live again.” It was sad to hear, of course and our hearts are broken for him, but it was also so wonderful to hear him say this. He said he had been “existing”and felt he could now “live".

They met initially in Central Park, then had two longer rides on the Plym Trail. Jimmy was completely enthralled with the recumbent bike and has now bought one himself. He would never have even tried a recumbent without your service; Jonathan’s patience, kindness and effort made this happen.

Jimmy has now cycled every day since and been twice on the Camel Trail, twice on the Plym, once on the Exe and once on quiet lanes (he has only had it a week.) He is also buying new bits and pieces, researching cycling gear and generally returning to his former lost passion.

The last two years have been so heartbreaking for Jimmy and every day is still a struggle. This reintroduction to cycling, which your service has facilitated has been so very special and important to him and us, it is difficult to put it into words. Please pass our heartfelt thanks to Jonathan.

With very best wishes and gratitude,


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